Discover How to Manage Gout and Uric Acid

Uric AcidWhen it comes to gout, one of the main things you have to learn about is uric acid. It is a natural substance that your body produces. It does have a purpose and the kidneys should also be removing part of it when they cleanse your body. Many foods in our society today have high levels of purines in them, and that can result in too much of that acid being in the body. To successfully manage gout you have to be able to manage all three of these areas.

You aren’t going to be able to figure out on your own how much uric acid your body creates. However, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss it. Through some simple tests that level can be determined. Not only will you know if you have too much of this acid being produced, but just how much is present.

Your doctor may decide to test your overall level of kidney function as well. Many people don’t realize that when the kidneys aren’t doing what they should, it can result in too much uric acid remaining in the body. The kidneys simply aren’t able to successfully filter out all that they should to keep those levels where they should be. Depending on these test results, your doctor can then make some recommendations for improving overall kidney function.

It may be necessary for your doctor to prescribe various types of medication for you to use in order to successfully manage gout and uric acid. They will give you the lowest possible dose and continue to monitor your progress. If necessary, that dose will be increased over time. The goal is to find the level where you get the most benefit with the least amount of side effects. Make sure you take your medicine as prescribed so you can get the full benefit from it.

Control Uric Acid Levels Without Medication

If your high level of uric acid though is determined to be due to the purines in your food, you should be able to get it all under control without the use of medication. You will have to take a very close look at your diet and make changes from there. While you may be dragging your feet at first, eating right also gives you the chance to eat food that tastes delicious. It can also help you to have more energy and to shed those unwanted pounds.

Don’t assume that a food is going to be good for you – find out what the purines in it are. For example, many people try to eat more salad when they want to improve overall health. Yet if you are putting mushrooms in that salad then you are actually going to be increasing the amount of uric acid in the body. It is very important to learn about the foods you can eat and those that you should avoid.

You aren’t going to necessarily need to eliminate your favorite foods from the list, so don’t worry. However, you may have to make sacrifices in terms of cutting down on the portions and the frequency for consuming them if you want to reduce uric acid levels and get your gout under control.

Foods High In Uric Acid


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