The Gout Diet

Freedom From Gout NowCongratulation on taking the first step to managing your gout and obtaining relief from the pain through a gout diet.

We will discuss how a  well managed gout diet plays an important part in reducing the likelihood of further painful gout attacks. This is one of the best ways to help deal with gout in the body, and if you eat the right foods you will reduce the pain of gout and hinder it from returning. Gout suffers will discover a well managed gout diet is one of the best ways to deal with their gout, and it can be an effective way to prevent the painful gout from attacking again.

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Take the time to read about the gout diet below about the foods you should eat and those that you should avoid to manage gout attacks.

Gout symptoms should not be dismissed likely. Attacks are usually sudden, very painful, and never pleasant. One should be prepared for it instead of looking for a cure at the last minute. Painful Gout Attacks can turn your daily routine upside down.

Research has revealed that Gout could lead to strokes, heart attacks, type II diabetes, and premature death.

When a gout attack happen begin drinking plenty of water to flush your system out. Then you should take some anti inflammatory tablets. Then you just have to grin and bear it.

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A lot of books and articles on the subject of gout talk a lot about eating a healthy gout diet and reducing the intake of alcohol. Gout patients should follow a daily diet that is healthy and balanced.

Avoid Purine-Rich Foods In Your Gout Diet

It is very important to avoid foods that are purine-rich and has large amounts of moderate levels of purine. A low purine level diet can play a major role in managing your gout.

Purine is a substance contained in many foods we eat and is naturally produced by the body. The body works to break down purines and changes it into uric acid. Uric acid is normally filtered by the kidney and leaves the body through the urine. Sometimes too much uric acid builds up in the blood system for people that deal with gout. The buildup of uric acid may happen when the body makes too much and does not pass enough uric acid through the urine. High levels of uric acid in the body can cause urate crystals to form in the joints. Crystal build up in the joints can result in swelling, which is known as a gout attack or gout pain.

Another substance to reduce is the intake of fructose in the diet. Fructose a sugar-sweetened ingredient found in soft drinks and a lot of the processed foods packaged in cans and boxes. Food containing large amounts of fructose is also a contributing factor to the epidemic of obesity these days.

Your daily gout diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruit. If you are like most us you love your red meat. But you need to switch your diet to eating more fish and chicken for dinner during the week. You should stay away from shellfish like oysters and lobsters, acid producing foods such as grapefruit and raw tomatoes.

Make a point of walking a lot to keep trim. With lots of things to do around the house both inside and outside you should be able to keep yourself in good physical condition.

Gout affects people in many different ways but each person needs to keep their gout diet and exercise program in perspective.

Red meat consumption and shellfish consumption increase the risk of gout. Alcoholic beverages especially beer, sugar soda pop, and high level of fructose intake increases the risk level for Gout. Obese people and those overweight substantially increase their risk of developing Gout.

Preventing Gout starts with a general healthy lifestyle change for now and continuing for the rest of your life. Cheating on the healthy lifestyle will result if possible Gout Attacks.

The general healthy lifestyle pyramid for the management of Gout should start at the top layer with eating red meat sparingly. The mid layer consisting of dairy products and shellfish should be consumed moderately, the bottom layer consisting of healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains should be eaten abundantly. The pyramid foundation is made up of regular exercises to maintain a healthy weight. It is very important to follow this healthy lifestyle pyramid to help prevent Gout.

So build your gout diet around healthy foods such:

- Dairy product low in fat
– Fresh fruits
– Fresh vegetables
– Nuts
– Whole Grains

Gout Diet Tip – Avoid These High-Purine Foods:

- Beers
– Grain alcohol
– Red meats
– Seafood, especially shellfish like shrimp and lobster

The gout diet should limit the intake of high-fructose foods:

- Apples
– Dates
– Peaches
– Plums
– Grapes
– Pears
– Prunes

The gout diet should avoid high-fructose foods:

- All sweetened soft drinks
– Juices and foods that show added high-fructose corn syrup on their labels
– Enriched fruit drinks
– Many breakfast cereals
– Baked goods in boxes
– Many ice creams
– Candies

Processed foods on the menu at “fast food” stores should be avoided.

To help you manage your gout diet it is recommended that you keep a lifestyle and diet diary to keep track of foods that trigger your gout attacks so you can avoid them in the future.

The gout diet is all about managing your lifestyle and foods.

In conclusion, eat a daily healthy gout diet which is the main factor to help with managing gout. Keep a close eye on your stress levels. Work on a mind set of maintaining your ideal weight. And the last thing is to keep active by always finding ways to move around…

The Gout Diet

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